Skip Beat episode 1

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Rp500 untuk Pak Tua

“Bu, boleh saya minta uang Rp500 untuk bapak tua yang menjerit-jerit di luar itu, Bu?”
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SNSD 2011 SMTOWN Winter ‘The Warmest Gift’

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Super Junior 2012 Official Calendar

Credit: @jwon0508
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Siwon Twitter Update: Happy birthday #sungmin

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source: @siwon407, ‘SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM

Happy birthday #sungmin my brotha!

Super Junior 2012 Official Diary

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Credit: 바라보다….☆ (@darai0306) 



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BoA – Distance

When it snows outside on this winter night
I’m looking for a trace of you
I’ll never forget the time that we met
the winter when we fell in love
I know it wasn’t our time
we had to go our seperate ways
You don’t know that silently I was crying for you to stay Baca lebih lanjut…

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